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Datel claims new Action Replay works on PSP Go, we hope cautiously

Darren Murph

Now this is interesting. Datel, which is well known for enabling all sorts of hacks on varying consoles, seems to have just introduced a refreshed version of its Action Replay PSP. What's new, you ask? Why, PSP Go support, of course! In the item description, we're told that those using this on Sony's UMD-less portable console will have to install it directly on the inbuilt memory, but one of two things has to happen (in theory, anyway) for that claim to be true. The first is that Datel is now an official Sony partner, which is about as likely as you getting a Foleo for Christmas. The other is that Datel found a way to run unencrypted code on the PSP Go, and if that's the case, we've got an idea that the homebrew junkies in the crowd will be all over this in search of further exploits. Hop on past the break for a promo video, and if you're down with shelling out funds for something that may or may not work as advertised, it's all yours for $24.99.

[Thanks, Bill]

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