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Breakfast Topic: Which Warcraft moment would make a great cutscene?

Matt Low

Earlier this month, an interview was conducted with Jeff Kaplan by Phil Kollar of Game Informer where they talked shop about World of Warcraft. One of the items that piqued my interest was that a new cutscene was being included in patch 3.3. I'm sure we can guess that it has something to do with Icecrown Citadel (and Arthas).

I know the Wrathgate cinematic itself was a big hit. Blizzard is certainly no stranger to creating movies. There's the Ulduar trailer, the Call of the Crusade trailer, and the Fall of the Lich king trailer.

Remember the Sunwell Plateau? That one is my favorite out of them all.

I'm sure there will be new cinematics to come. But if you could pick a moment in the game, what would you like to see in cinematic form?

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