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The Daily Grind: Last chance at presents

Eliot Lefebvre

The celebrations are over, the dinner is eaten, and the underside of the tree is cleared. It's the end of the holiday season, and if you want to be morbid it's also the furthest possible point until more Christmas. But the day after the event is usually all but an extension of the holiday -- we return unwanted gifts, meet up with more distant relations, and start using our various gift cards. In a way, the holiday doesn't end until the day after, and you've got one last shot at getting all the things you want.

So what's your last-minute addition to your stash? Most holiday events in MMOs last for a little longer than the day itself, which gives us an extra chance at picking up any holiday rewards. Of course, you might have your eyes on a new game entirely, maybe with a gift certificate or two. Or you might just be working on crafting a difficult item and can justify the price of buying some of the materials, or perhaps you just want a new rig to explore your favorite games on. Whatever it is, what's your last-minute addition to your overall gift basket?

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