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The Daily Grind: So what did you get for the holidays?


You know, we put off this question for far too long. It's such an obvious breakfast question, really, because we know that all of you want to talk about the phat-lewt that appeared under your Christmas tree, or menorah, or what you expect to get for Kwanza, or what you got for any gift giving occasion.

So did you get that new MMO that you were lusting after? Did you get perhaps some time cards for your favorite subscription game or points for your favorite free-to-play title? Or did you just get a nice wad of cash which you promptly blew on Steam or at GameStop? These are important questions because inquiring minds want to know.

So what are you waiting for, an invitation? Get down to that comment box, bang out a sentence or two, and let it rip onto our webby-site. Holiday loot, go!

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