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'Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril' could be the latest NES hit


Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril, a new Nintendo Entertainment System title, is almost ready for all those who didn't get a next-gen system for the holidays. BK:FoP, designed by Sivak Games, will be available on an NES cartridge through website RetroZone sometime this month. The website also sells tools to make original NES games.

Battle Kid reminds us of Mega Man mixed with more Mega Man -- minus the suit. A lack of preview build or five-month lead to develop a 3,000 word feature for Joystiq magazine (also available in French) has prevented us from getting a real feel for what the game is about. Check out a video of the 8-bit gameplay after the break and prepare to rock your NES like it's 1988.

[Thanks, Levi]

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