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Brando's USB 3.0-to-SATA adapter gives any old HDD those SuperSpeed powers

Darren Murph

Oh, Brando -- how we do love thee. Be it random accessories we don't need at all or legitimate peripherals that make our lives all that much easier, you're always there -- steadfastly waiting for us to fall in love over and over again. Mushiness aside, the outfit's new USB 3.0-to-SATA adapter is indeed one of those remarkably useful devices, enabling any old SATA hard drive to be accessed externally at USB 3.0 speeds. Essentially, this is the pocket-friendly version of Sharkoon's latest SATA QuickPort, but rather than forcing you to carry around a dock, this simple dongle travels easy and plugs directly into the port-laden side of your spare HDD. Granted, you'll need a USB 3.0-enabled PC or expansion card in order to take advantage of the additional speed, but for $48, this looks to be an excellent excuse to get that dusty, unused drive of yours back into service.

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