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China: Video games cause teen pregnancy, murder


China Central Television (CCTV) is apparently on a tear, correlating youth violence and youthful indiscretions with online game use. Yahoo News reports the latest program from the state news channel, titled Confession of a Murderer -- Focus on Pornography and Violence in Online Game (Part Two), features a boy in a Beijing juvenile prison serving life after killing five people over virtual goods. The piece also allegedly states that up to 80 percent of violent inmates in the prison became criminals because of online games.

The previous installment covered a 14-year-old who apparently had two abortions after being led down the sex-crazed path paved by playing a dance game called Audition. Now, if it'd been called Hollywood Audition Process, that would have made perfect sense. There was also another report on kids doing speed during all-night gaming marathons. The government reports that of China's 338 million online users, 210 million play games.

An analyst projection of China's online game revenues estimates the country will produce $11 billion by 2012. Not that money has anything to do with the government trying push out foreigners and control the market -- it's all about the people's safety.

[Via GamePolitics]

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