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The Daily Grind: Did you return to Azeroth?

With the holiday relaxation & downtime many have had this last week, coupled with the recent offer of 7 days free to previous subscribers, some have gone back to World of Warcraft. After all, it is still the insanely huge gorilla in the MMO room, and with the recent addition in patch 3.3, it's now very easy to get those instance groups you might have needed. Add to that the promise of holiday fun with friends, and it's pretty easy to see why many may take Blizzard up on their offer.

On the other hand, there are a ton of games that have either just come out, or are going to come out this next year that could be keeping people out. (Even if just based on the "It's not World of Warcraft" mantra.) Also, there's the sheer fact that many folks are just burnt out. Sure, you might be getting groups faster, but you're still running the same old dungeons you were before. After a while, that sense of same-old-same-old sets in and it gets mind-numbingly boring again for some.

Ultimately, we've been curious how many did opt to take them up on the 7 day offer, really. If you did go back for the 7 days, did you wind up resubscribing? Did you log in, see all the idiots in your PUG/Trade channel/etc, remember why you left, log back out, and delete the game? Or did you give the whole thing a pass altogether? We'd love to hear from those of you who got the offer to come back as to what you did. Leave us your thoughts below!

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