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Console scuttlebutt: multi-core CPU for next-gen PlayStation, Intel inside future Wii

Darren Murph

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We're but three years removed from the US introduction of both Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PlayStation 3, and already the rumors are running rampant about the future iterations of both consoles. Two separate reports from Japan's Impress touch on both units, with speculation and insider information on the former suggesting that Intel could be in talks with the Big N about powering the second Wii. Hard details are obviously tough to come by, but word has it that the two are mulling a GPU / CPU combo similar to the Larrabee; granted, we'd prefer something a touch more potent in the Wii 2, but we wouldn't be shocked if Nintendo chooses the less powerful path yet again. In related news, it seems as if Sony could be looking for an alternative to its Cell CPU in the PlayStation 4, an alternative that involves some sort of "multi-core CPU." Potentially more interesting is the notion that Sony's next-gen handheld could be out before said console, which is loosely pegged for a 2013 release. We wouldn't take any of this to heart just yet, but we're pretty certain we can't stop the dreamers from going too far.

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