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PTI, Around the Horn, Project Runway & Hallmark Channel all going HD in 2010


A combination of Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, Project Runway and the Hallmark Channel may seem unlikely, but the one tie binding all of these is their plans to switch to HDTV broadcasts in 2010. ESPN made a low key announcement that its two afternoon sports news discussions will be moving to the ABC News studios in D.C. next fall. Experiencing Tony and Michael's baldness in 720p should be nice, as well as a widescreen layout of the ATH panel, but clearly the biggest benefit should be the inclusion of high-definition highlight clips during the shows. Ditto for the models on Project Runway, while the Hallmark Channel is ready to broadcast its... unique wealth of TV movies in HD, finally joining its sister network Hallmark Movie Channel which made the jump back in 2008.

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