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Vestax Spin DJ controller gets reviewed, much approved (video)


Bedroom DJs and wannabe Sven Vaths, take note. Key of Grey has got its hands on the Vestax Spin DJ controller and they give it some pretty good marks. Of course, no one is going to confuse this bad boy for a pro rig, but the reviewer found the hardware solid enough for home use, and the bundled Algoriddim djay software is more than up to the task. In fact, both the software and hardware are full featured enough to make it worth a second or third look: multiple cue points and sampler controls (commonplace on DJ mixers yet pretty rare on software-based rigs) get kudos, while the lack of a waveform view can be a huge turn-off for some folks. Want to get a closer look? We got it for you: move on past the read link for the award-winning video.

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