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Blizzard's comments on the in-game Cataclysm earthquakes


Blue posters in the official forums have started leaving comments about the earthquakes happening in-game, which as we reported the other day, appear to be linked to in-game mobs that are potentially ushering in the beginning of the Cataclysm world event.

The comments are somewhat cryptic, but that is par for the course with Blizzard. They like to tease -- to hold the carrot in front of you and make you run for it. But the evidence we presented Monday was pretty solid, and it's gained even more traction in the community and around the net; so this is an interesting follow up to it all.

The comments thus far after the break.

Wryxian says in response to "Did Any of you saw that? There was a shake in Dalaran.... Is this the beginning of the Cata Pre event?...Or was it just me?":

It was just you. Seriously, earthquakes leading up to some kind of cataclysm? I lol'd.

*the earth shakes a bit* o.O
He goes on to say:
You see how my temporary snowman avatar appears to bob from side to side? Well, the thing is, I'm standing perfectly still. The earth is moving, I tell you! *cough*
In response to "Is it only me laughing on the Earthquake in a flying City?:P" Wryxian replies:
The Kirin Tor want to ensure that even though their city is no longer actually in the ground anymore, it still receives the same treatment as the rest of Azeroth... or something. ;-)
We try not to read into blue comments too much, since reading in-between the lines can be a crap shoot sometimes. But in this case we think it's notable enough, especially with the absence of Blizzard outright denying any linkage, that it's worth bringing to everyone's attention. Read into it what you will, but we think the meaning of Wryxian's comments are quite clear: there is some linkage between the earthquakes and "some kind of cataclysm."

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