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Massively's top 5 news stories of 2009


It's that time again! Time when we look backwards and try to identify the top 5 big news stories that we covered here at Massively. 2009 was a pretty turbulent year when it comes to the MMO industry, as we were involved in lawsuits, game closures, multiple major releases, a rising set of indie studios, and more news than you could handle.

So are you excited to look at the year's stories in review? Well, I certainly am! So excited that we're going to do this story in gallery-vision. That's right, for every story you get to have an awesome picture accompanying it. It's brilliant, if you ask us.

So if you're ready to start the tour-de-force, click on the link below or simply start at the first image of the gallery below that. Don't try to skip ahead either, we have poison arrow codes loaded into these pages so if you skip ahead, then your monitor will shoot a poisoned arrow at your neck. Gotta just love HTML 5 -- it does everything!

Gallery: Massively's top 5 news stories of 2009 | 5 Photos

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