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Modder crafts handheld wireless visual interface for PS3, makes us want

Darren Murph

We tell ya -- Ben Heck's apprentices are the best. One techknott has just finished up his latest creation, a WVI (wireless visual interface) for Sony's PlayStation 3 console. The purpose? To transmit signals to and from the PS3 by way of this handy handheld. A 1.2GHz wireless transmitter is used to get the controller commands to the PS3, and the same is used in reverse to get the video signals from the console to the homegrown device. The device itself utilizes a 5-inch LCD, 4,500mAh Li-ion battery (complete with a LED capacity meter), an AV input, headphone jack, USB port and a button for every last DualShock command. Hop on past the break for a video, and head to the source if you're interested in making an offer for it. Yeah, we said it -- dude's going to be selling this!

[Thanks, Aguiluz]

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