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N900 turned into PS3 controller courtesy of BlueMaemo emulator

Vlad Savov

Should you be the sort of person who doesn't mind fiddling around with alpha level software, you'll definitely want to know about the BlueMaemo Bluetooth emulator. Available via the Extras-Devel repository on your N900, this app allows the device to mimic other Bluetooth gadgets, such as keyboards, mice, and yes indeedy, gaming controllers. Its developer Valério Domingos humbly points out that the purpose of connecting up to a PS3 is purely for menu navigation and easier text input, though we've no doubt a few hardcore Nokia loyalists will try using this in an action game to prove the N900's superiority. You may follow Valério and his ongoing refinement of the app in the link below, or you can jump past the break to see the full controller layout and an instructional video on how to hook things up -- it's in Italian, but you should be able to grasp what's going on senza problemi.

[Thanks, shellshock]

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