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Palm likely calling its new Verizon models Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

Chris Ziegler

We've alluded to this a couple times already, but Boy Genius Report is coming out today and saying that Verizon's webOS launch devices early next year will indeed be called the "Pre Plus" and "Pixi Plus." We're able to independently confirm that this is the intel out in the field right now -- so unless Big Red calls an audible, these are the names you should be keeping an eye on as you're scanning the shelves. The report goes on to say that Verizon's models are the same size as Sprint's, but as we've already seen in the FCC, these new versions are going to be supercharged in one way or another -- at the very least, the Pixi should have WiFi on board, a welcome boost. Any way you slice it, it sure looks like Sprint got the short end of this stick, doesn't it?

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