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World of Warcraft: Game of the Decade


Well, the fans and readers of industry site Gamasutra have voted for their game of the decade, and their choice is simultaneously surprising and yet unsurprising. In a list that's full of single player games, the MMO that redefined MMOs has hit the top of the list: World of Warcraft.

Why was it chosen for the very, very hefty spot of game of the decade? Well, the readers have spoken on the final article, and it seems the list is almost as massive as the game. Everything from massive game design, to how it single-handedly changed how MMOs were played in the last 5 years, to how the game itself impacts a player's life. For those reasons and more, it's been voted in as the game of the decade.

For the full list of quotes from Gamasutra readers, and for the list of the top 12 games of the decade, check out Gamasutra.

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