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Castlevania's last 'Rebirth' -- as a pachinko machine


You may never have watched six minutes of promotional footage for a pachinko machine before, but that's about to change. After the break, we have a long trailer for the Castlevania pachislot (pachinko + slots) game released in mid-2009, with lots of cutscene footage showing the game's story. Yes, there's a story, featuring Trevor Belmont challenging Dracula with the help of the sorceress Angela, a character created expressly for this game.

This game takes us briefly into a weird alternate universe in which gambling machines are marketed and followed like video games. For example, clicking the far-left link in the navigation bar on the official site will bring up a series of desktop wallpapers. And if you liked the music from the trailer, you can buy the soundtrack. To the pachinko machine.

[Via Chris Cummings]

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