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Playing PixelJunk Shooter Like A Pro 101

Justin McElroy

Okay, okay, everyone, settle down. Listen, we know there's been a lot of unrest in this, our first ever "How to Get Into the Top 20 Globally in World 1 Stage 1 for PixelJunk Shooter" class. You've been here for three weeks now without ever actually talking Shooter strategies and your whispers are starting to become deafening. "Why does Mr. McElroy take such long naps?" we hear you ask, or, "Why did I have to play $3,000 for this?"

On this, our graduation day, we have two messages for you. 1. Watch the video after the break and do exactly that. And 2. The magic was inside you the whole time. Now, if a few of you would just stand on your desks and say, "Oh captain, my captain," we'll be on our way.

... Nobody? Fine.

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