Live from HTC's MWC 2010 press event

We've just gotten into our seats and things are about to get underway. Blow-by-blow coverage will be commencing momentarily.

11:10AM Okay... that appears to be it. Hands on time? We hope!

11:10AM "Also, the new HTC Sense will be available in some of our existing products, like the Hero. Our current customers will get to experience those features. Thank you very much!"

11:09AM "We're really excited about 2010. I'd like to highlight the announcement we had with Microsoft yesterday. We're very busy with Microsoft working to deliver a set of amazing Windows Phone 7 devices later this year."

11:09AM "Today we unveiled three new top tier products, which marry great design with great user experience. We're starting this year very strong with these new products."

11:08AM Peter is back!

11:08AM "A record number of mobile operators have confirmed to launch our new devices. HTC Desire has been accepted by almost every key carrier in every key country we work with. I'd like to welcome back Peter."

11:07AM "As Peter said earlier, we recently launched our 'Quietly brilliant' campaign and it has been very successful. These new devices will take us to the next level. The phones will be available in April."

11:06AM "Thank you."

11:06AM "Going forward, the customers will be clearer about what kind of devices they want. We are working with Peter and his team to deliver the high end devices they ask for."

11:05AM "Good morning, I'm pleased to be announcing these devices with HTC. One year ago we were launching the Magic. It was our first Android device. And we've seen a lot of smartphones since then."

11:04AM "I'm pleased to have Vodafone join us for this. Please welcome Patrick Chomet."

11:03AM Oh whoops. Presser blooper.

11:03AM "So three new devices. Thank you."

11:02AM "There is a high degree of craftmanship with the HD Mini, and instead of hiding it, we wanted to show it off. And you'll see it's as beautiful inside as out." Finally, a phone that looks good with the back off!

11:01AM "HD Mini is the HD2 in a compact form factor. You have the same experience. You have the same Outlook integration. There is another exciting innovation I'd like to share with you. Well, HD Mini can become a mobile hotspot for your computer."

11:00AM "This is HD Mini."

11:00AM "Recently we introduced a new phone... the HD2, but a lot of people would prefer a more compact phone. I'd like to introduce the HD Mini.'

10:59AM "HTC Desire, the richest visual experience possible."

10:59AM "When I personalize my Desire, everything just comes alive."

10:59AM Flash enabled, 10.1 ready.

10:58AM Pinch to zoom, text reflow to fit the screen. Very handsome. Wow, you can select text and look it up in a dictionary or translate. Very cool contextual menu addition there.

10:58AM "This is the richest visual experience on any phone." 3.7 inch AMOLED, 1GHz Snapdragon... hmm, this sounds kind of like the Nexus One!

10:57AM The HTC Desire!

10:57AM "Next I'd like to introduce the Superphone that some of you have been waiting for." Did HTC just burn its own product?

10:56AM "We also use multiple services. With HTC Sense you can see updates from these services across all services. All social networking services in one friend stream. This is HTC Legend. Sculpted out of a single block of aluminum with the new HTC Sense."

10:55AM "When you hold it, it doesn't feel like a phone. It's a piece of art." No, we're pretty sure that's a phone.

10:55AM "Legend is one continuous smooth surface. It's machined out of single block of aluminum. You could say it's carved. The body is the frame, the frame is the body. Legend is extremely solid." Whoa, he just banged it against the wall. It does indeed sound solid.

10:53AM "This is HTC Legend."

10:53AM We're seeing the shell of a very Hero-like device. Very slick.

10:53AM "HTC Sense is a holistic experience that is about putting people at the center. With the new HTC Sense we are introducing three new phones. First, the HTC Legend." Demo video!

10:52AM "I'd like to introduce John Wong, chief marketing officer."

10:52AM "So today I'd like to introduce something that's completely new. Today you can pinch anywhere on your homescreen and jump to any one of your pages. We call this Leap." This is cool -- kind of a zoomed out card view when you pinch on the homescreen. We saw some leaked shots of this.

10:51AM "With the HD2 we introduced be polite, and we're introducing that to more of our products. But we know we need to create breakthrough results, does your phone bring you joy, surprise, delight?"

10:50AM "We've taken this feedback and we've listened. But if we designed our phones only on feedback, we'd be limited. To achieve breakthrough results we need other methods. We use our phones every day. How many of you have fumbled to mute your phone in the middle of a meeting?" Whoa... that was a loud ring.

10:49AM "Every tweet you send, every article you write finds its way into our design process." Wow! Finally!

10:48AM "You may have heard us talk about listening and accepting your feedback. Without your feedback, we'd never be able to create experiences that meet your needs."

10:48AM Drew is up!

10:48AM "We've made major improvements in several areas, and we're introducing new features. I'd like to ask Drew Bamford to talk about how we see HTC Sense."

10:47AM "HTC is now in the top 5 of smartphone suppliers in the world -- we want to be in the top 3 by 2013. Today we are introducing the new HTC Sense."

10:47AM "We're centering the customer experience around the new HTC Sense."

10:46AM "I think of it as beauty with soul. At HTC we are revolutionizing the design process of the phone. You will see some of that today."

10:46AM "Over the last five years, mobile phones have shifted from being all about hardware and design, to software. And tight integration of both to create an overall user experience. Clearly the companies who can integrate substance and style will win."

10:45AM "This is our philosophy -- it sets about the way we listen to customers. In a humble. We insist on innovation, quality, a good user experience. This gives us a guideline. This is what we want our customers to get from HTC."

10:44AM "We created a better user experience called HTC Sense, we started a global advertising campaign. 'Quietly brilliant' truly represents the brand personality of HTC. It's about doing great things in a humble way."

10:43AM "So as you know it's been not a great year for the mobile industry. 2009 was one of the most significant years in our history. But this was the year we took a step forward in raising the HTC brand."

10:43AM "I'm very excited -- I'm celebrating Chinese new year with you. We've already got an aggressive start of the new year. Happy new year!"

10:42AM CEO of HTC Peter Chou is on stage!