Radio Shack stores getting WiMAX upgrades ahead of Evo launch?

While there's certainly plenty to love about HTC's EVO 4G, that 4G in the title is certainly one of the major draws. We're guessing it'll be a little easier to sell the things if customers can experience the wonders of WiMAX for themselves, so that's probably why RadioShack is (according to our tipster) installing these Clearwire WiMAX repeaters in at least some of its stores ahead of the May 30 June 4 launch of the phone there. This will effectively turn The Shack into 4G hotspots and, while we're not sure of the range of these bad boys, this is a good thing even if it extends the reach of WiMAX just a few feet further into our lives. Another picture after the break.

Update: Oops, the phone is of course launching on June 4. It's 4G that's going live in this tipster's home city on May 30.

[Thanks, Markus]