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Apple's online store brought the Merry into the 2009 Christmas season


In some more bright, shiny, and happy Apple news for this first day of 2010, Computerworld is reporting that Apple's online store took top honors for customer satisfaction in terms of the holiday shopping experience at a computer or electronics manufacturer's site.

The numbers from Michigan-based ForeSee Results showed Apple's satisfaction rate at 82%, four percentage points higher than those in 2008. The market research firm measures customer satisfaction by surveying more than 10,000 visitors to the top 40 retail Web sites as ranked by annual sales revenue.

The two closest computer and electronics sites to Apple were and, posting scores of 81% and 80%. Dell and HP came in at 79% and 78%, respectively, while the least satisfying shopping experience was provided by Circuit City's Web site at 73%.

While Apple led computer and electronics Web sites in terms of satisfaction, the company wasn't even in the same ballpark as The online shopping giant grabbed a whopping 87% customer satisfaction rating in ForeSee's survey figures. Other companies that were ahead of Apple in the rankings were Netflix (86%) and (83%).

The ForeSee report also notes that the biggest retailers are getting both larger and better, at the expense of smaller online retailers. The big boys on the block can offer larger discounts, free shipping and better customer support that can't be matched by the small fry.

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