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How would you change Palm's Pixi?

Darren Murph

Palm's second-ever webOS device wasn't exactly worthy of its initial $99 (on contract) price, but considering that it's darn near free in many instances these days, many of our gripes have less relevance today. Still, the Pixi is up against some seriously stiff competition these days, and it's not enough to simply shove the Pre in a different form factor and call it a day. To that end, we're wondering what you'd do differently if you had the keys to the Pixi design lab. Would you tweak the display? Is the keyboard in need of an overhaul? Would you shove a WiFi module in there somehow? Produce a version for AT&T? What else would you re-engineer if given the chance? Holler down in comments below, and we'll be sure to FedEx the final list to Mr. Rubinstein.

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