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Juice Pack manufacturer Mophie developing iPhone credit card reader


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The Mophie Juice Pack and Juice Pack Air have been popular iPhone cases / external battery packs for a while. Now we're hearing that the manufacturer is going to add a credit card reader to its lineup of accessories.

The Mac Observer is reporting that Mophie will provide a credit card reader similar to the one used at Apple Stores, and possibly supply software to manage transactions as well. The company hasn't divulged its detailed plans for the device, but is expected to provide more information during CES 2010. The annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas will run from January 7th through January 10th.

A number of other companies, including Square and Verifone, have jumped into the iPhone credit card reader market, and it is logical that a company with iPhone accessory manufacturing experience would join the party.

Credit card transaction software for the iPhone platform made a big splash in 2008, but it appears that Apple's validation of the concept of using the device as a way to capture retail transactions has really opened the doors. The EasyPay checkout system (at right) used at the Apple Stores has garnered a lot of attention from customers who have asked if Apple would actually market the system. With the proliferation of third-party solutions, it's likely that Apple will stay out the market.

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