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MarketWatch: Keep your eye on Apple in 2010


In an article on MarketWatch, Frank Cioffi explains why he believes Apple will deserve the investor's attention in 2010. First off is continued strong iPod sales, and we've got to agree. After sustaining a rate at or above 10 million units sold per quarter, you've got to wonder, "Doesn't everyone have one already?"

But seriously, the annual updates are compelling enough to prompt people to upgrade (iPod touch, nano with video) or cheap enough to warrant a second unit (iPod shuffle). Apple knows how to sell iPods and the trend should continue in the new year.

Also notable is Apple's seemingly renewed commitment to the Apple TV. Once described as a "hobby," Apple released version 3.0 of its software late last year. Also, there are rumors about that Apple is pursuing a subscription model with the major television networks. Expect to hear more from the Apple TV team in 2010.

Additionally, Cioffi focused on Steve Jobs himself.

"...Jobs' determination is as extraordinary as his ability to create compelling products."

After missing half of the year to recover from a liver transplant, Steve returned to work in June as promised and, from an outsider's perspective at least, is back to business as usual. As Cioffi pointed out, what happened in Steve's absence is even more important for Apple's future: The stock continued to climb despite rumors of his rapidly-declining health and Apple demonstrated a strong bullpen of talent beyond Jobs.

Cioffi goes on to list strong Mac sales, the App Store's performance and the ever-present tablet rumors as additional points of note, so go and read the rest of the article. Here's to a prosperous 2010!

[Via AppleInsider]

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