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Super Ramen Bros: An iPhone game made in 24 hours


Last week, Alex Schwartz of GTProductions had a brilliant little idea: Take game design ideas from readers and then develop said ideas into a full iPhone game within a single day. After fishing for ideas based on "absurdity," the company settled on Super Ramen Bros, which features two packages of ramen trying to escape the grim fate of being scanned at the supermarket and subsequently consumed (probably by college students). Twenty-four coding and designing hours later, and the team had a fully crafted game, thanks to plenty of help from the community.

The game is set for submission to Apple for approval this week. See a video of Super Ramen Bros in action after the break. Granted, it's not the most complex or beautiful game out there, but it's quite an achievement given the incredibly short development schedule. It's also much better than our twenty-four hour game design attempt, Ball in a Cup. Turns out that one is almost impossible if you don't have any string lying around.

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