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Ceton's quad CableCARD tuner for Windows Media Center gets a price

Ben Drawbaugh

We love Windows Media Center but without access to our favorite HD content it just isn't that interesting. So obviously we got excited when we first learned that Ceton planned to release a PCI-E card that would allow us to record four HD shows at once with a single CableCARD, but the question has been, how much? Now we knew it'd be cheaper than the $1200 that ATI would charge us for four digital cable tuners but according to Dave Zatz the yet to be announced price is $399. In addition, he has learned that Steve Balmer will demo the card in the big CES keynote Wednesday -- which of course we'll be covering live. This leads us to believe that there might be some other good news for Media Center fans, and since we're dreamers, we're hoping for some new Extenders for Media Center.

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