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Garmin-Asus working on an AWS smartphone, but what is it?

Chris Ziegler

How many phones does Garmin-Asus sell on T-Mobile? If you guessed zero, you'd be absolutely correct, so we're buzzing about this FCC filing that popped up in the last few hours detailing a "PDA Phone" with AWS 3G frequency compliance. To be fair, this could be a device for Canada's WIND Mobile, too, now that it's sharing T-Mobile's spectrum space -- but either way, we've got to wonder what kind of phone we're looking at here. It seems a little late in the game to be re-releasing either the nuvifone G60 or M20 with new bands, so we're hoping this is legitimately new hardware in the mix; if so, it'll be interesting to see if the nuvifone franchise still has a chance to redeem itself after the G60 became one of the most catastrophically delayed launches in mobile history. Nothing a little Android can't fix, right?

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