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Iomega v.Clone turns your whole computer into a portable, bootable VMWare image


We're not used to thinking of Iomega as a software company, but with EMC -- the maker of VMWare -- in the background now, some sort of synergy was bound to happen. Iomega's new v.Clone software is the result, and it sounds pretty great. Basically it backs up your C: drive into a bootable, standalone app-wrapped VMWare image, which can run off of a compatible Iomega drive (new eGo and Prestige lines, for starters) on any other Windows computer. Any changes you make to your system in VM mode will then be synced back to your main machine when you return. We're guessing there will be some performance implications to the setup, and it'll take some using to know just how practical this might be, but it presents an intriguing opportunity for people to untether from their increasingly bulky, store everything desklaptops if it works -- and their friends don't mind them jacking in.

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