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Report: One-fifth of smart phone buyers want Android


Those incessant Droid ads are working, as consumer interest is climbing.

Last December, ChangeWave Research conducted a study to determine what kinds of smartphones shoppers want. As in previous surveys, the iPhone topped the list. However, 21% of the 4,068 consumers who stated their intention to buy a smartphone within 90 days said they wanted the Android OS -- a 15-point jump from the last poll taken in September. Just 3 months ago, Android was tied for last place in consumer preference.

Even though Apple's share of those planned purchases is down 4%, it's still positioned to do extremely well. In ChangeWave's research, the dropoff in sales following the introduction of the 3GS (12 points) is a big improvement when compared to the post-3G introduction drop (26 points).

The competition is getting intense and you know what that means: better products for us as the manufacturers try to outdo each other! May the best gadget win!

[Via Electronista]

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