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Rumor: EA Sports creating new NBA Jam


ESPN reports that Electronic Arts has acquired the rights for NBA Jam and has assigned EA Canada's Vancouver studio to a reboot of the franchise. The game's original creator, Mark Turmell, who currently works at EA Tiburon as a senior creative director, is allegedly collaborating on the project, which, according to ESPN, will "ship to retail exclusively for the Wii."

With no other platforms mentioned in the report, the story sounds a bit off. However, 1UP, which has partnered with ESPN on the sports network's video game wing, has suggested XBLA and PSN versions of a new NBA Jam are also in the works, though that is not corroborated by the original report.

We've contacted EA and Turmell for confirmation and details. EA Sports will allegedly announce the game later this month.

Update: Joystiq has confirmed with Warner Bros. that it did not purchase the NBA Jam license when it acquired elements of Midway. EA's official statement: "We do not comment on speculation or rumor."

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