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Rumor: Verizon and Apple are at odds over pricing on CDMA iPhone


Analyst Maynard J. Um told investors today that while the rumored Verizon/Apple deal to bring a CDMA iPhone to the big V is still on the table, it's hit a snag over a pricing disagreement. Apparently Apple is used to being paid about $700 for every iPhone sold through AT&T, while Verizon pays out just $450 for Motorola's Droid, and the two companies are at odds over how much money should change hands for iPhones sold over the network. Seems like there should be a compromise somewhere in there, but of course any delays in making an agreement mean delays in actually releasing the phone.

And just for the heck of it, Um mentioned that he does expect a tablet this year, and that Apple's stock will depend on the "functionality and appeal" of the rumored new device. This just in: If people like something and think it works well, they will buy it. Thanks, analyst!

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