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Vigil says no Darksiders DLC, multiplayer nixed 'early on'


For a game based on, well, the end of everything, the fact that Darksiders won't be receiving any DLC isn't exactly a revelation. But it's true -- Vigil Games creative director and famed comic book illustrator behind the game's visual style, Joe Madureira, confirmed in an interview with Eurogamer that DLC and multiplayer weren't part of the developer's plan, nor does it intend to tackle them post-launch.

"We were a new team building new tech and a new IP. We had our work cut out for us," Madureira explained when asked about both, adding, "Vigil has a very strong all-or-nothing mentality, and if we're not confident we can pull it off, we're not doing it. So we focused on making the most kick-ass single-player game possible." Not to say that multiplayer was never a possibility -- it was just a short-lived one: "We realized early on that we wouldn't be able to pull off the scope of game we wanted to and have it be multiplayer," he said.

Of course, should the game do well, we'll no doubt be seeing the unthinkable: a sequel to the Apocalypse.

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