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Apple working with NYC cops to find stolen iPhone

Aron Trimble

Remember Alisa, the subway sweetheart whose iPhone was stolen and then re-surfaced in her email inbox when the knucklehead thief tried to get it replaced? Apparently she sent a note to our favorite iCEO Steve Jobs as a last resort when the standard Apple CSRs were unwilling or unable to help. As Metro NY reports, Alisa's pleas did not fall on deaf ears.

Over the New Year's weekend, Alisa sent her email, and the day after we reported Alisa's story, she received a call from Apple's executive support team. I corresponded with Alisa, and despite the runaround she received, she was told there is in fact an internal procedure for dealing with such situations.

Apple's Corporate Investigations department is now working with local law enforcement to rectify Alisa's situation. While it is good to hear that the right people are finally communicating to resolve this matter, it is disappointing that it required the victim emailing a CEO to get any real traction on the problem. And even though Alisa has since purchased a Blackberry, we hope she gets her iPhone back soon.

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