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MyDitto is the cloud-accessible NAS for people who don't know what NAS stands for

Tim Stevens

There are plenty of ways to get your datas online, more coming online by the moment, but if you're the type who doesn't know your WAN port from a MAC address you're probably looking for the most straightforward solution. As of now the myDitto from Dane-Elec looks about the simplest. It's a dual-bay device that can manage RAID 0 or 1, also sporting a pair of USB ports for when internal storage just won't cut it and DLNA and iTunes support for media accessibility. If you don't know what any of that means here's the important bit: to access that storage all you need to do is connect it into your network and then plug a myDitto USB key into any internet-attached machine. Then, hey-presto, your storage will be accessible and you won't have to configure a thing. In practice these fire-and-forget sort of implementations can often create more headaches than they solve, but if this one works it could be an ideal way for non-networkers to get networked. Mind you, at $249 for a 1TB model that simplicity will come at a premium when it launches in March.

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