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New Dungeon Fighter Online video highlights NPCs

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Dungeon Fighter Online released its first major update back in December, refining their game and clearing up some areas that had been giving players trouble. Now they are shifting their focus to helping players get to know the world in Dungeon Fighter Online, beginning with the NPCs.

With this goal in mind, Nexon America has released a new video highlighting four of the main NPCs. Lady Kiri the Gunnar specializes in firearms and mechanics -- she has a wonderful contraption known as the Equipment Re-Enforcer that can make your equipment much stronger. It can also break your equipment, so be careful. She also has several quests, at least one of which tells you to go to Mirkwood. Surely she's not asking you to go play another game, right?

We'll assume not, and move on to alchemist Loton Maximug, who sells potions for a variety of buffs to your character as well as use of his Disassembling Machine. This machine can break unused equipment down into smaller building materials. Traveler Delilah is next on the list, found at the end of each dungeon ready and willing to make equipment repairs for the right price. The last NPC is the mysterious GSD. He's blind and has a demon-possessed arm, but is heralded as the greatest swordsman around. He serves as a trainer and weapons vendor for Slayer characters.

Follow along after the jump for the video introduction to these NPCs.

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