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Second Life detective pens Second Life detective novel

Tateru Nino

Operating since about 2007, Flick Faulds has run a detective agency in Second Life, though not all of his operations were in the virtual environment. It's only natural (considering that every user is outside of Second Life) that investigations led outside as well.

After quite some time operating, and a bunch of cases behind his belt, Faulds has revealed himself to be Peter May, award-winning Glaswegian-born novelist. May's particularly notable for his deep research for his China Thrillers series and his Enzo Files series.

This week, more than 12 months of May's research as Second Life detective Flick Faulds resulted in the US publication of his new thriller, Virtually Dead.

Virtually Dead
(Poisoned Pen Press, Jan 2010, hard cover ISBN: 1590586700 paperback ISBN: 1590587081)

Crime-scene photographer Michael Kapinsky, suffering after the death of his wife, is persuaded to enter the online virtual world of Second Life to participate in a new kind of group therapy. Once there, he discovers a chilling connection between crime scenes he has attended real life, and scenes depicted in the virtual world.

When he uncovers a series of killings and a financial scam that is netting the murderer millions of dollars, Michael finds that both in Second Life and in real life, someone is out to kill him.

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