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Sony PlayStation 3 sales 'exceed 3.8 million' worldwide over the holidays


On the heels of its CES 2010 keynote speech, Sony released a chest-pounding press release declaring worldwide sales "exceeding 3.8 million" of the PlayStation 3 during the 2009 holiday season. According to the company, "during the five weeks following the last week of November 2009" (ending on January 3, 2010), the console sold more than during any previous holiday season -- a 76 percent increase over last year's numbers.

Alas, the PSP and the PSP Go were neglected a mention in the presser, though Sony did reiterate the 38 million PSN user number we'd heard a bit earlier. We'll have a clearer picture of what exactly the sales shook out to for North America when the latest NPD numbers arrive next week.

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