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Sony's Trik / Triq iPod Dock is perfect for your garishly tasteless lifestyle, also headphones

Tim Stevens

Looking for the perfect sound system to match the urban camo scheme you applied on your M4A1 in Modern Warfare 2? Have we got the solution for you, guaranteed to both work with your iPod/iPhone and to make your parents cringe. It's Sony's Triq/Trik, which is so unbelievably tricky Sony can't decide whether to call it the Triq or the Trik. If the monochrome thing doesn't do it for you there are three other skins to choose from, each more hideous daring than the next. It pumps out a very meaningful 75 watts and will cost a $130 when it ships in April. Sony also announced the MDR-NC300D Digital Noise Canceling Earbuds, said to be the first earbuds with digital noise cancelation, surely far superior than those paltry analog cancellation-featuring earbuds. They're pictured after the break, featuring a "vertical-in-the-ear" style and providing 20 hours of life from a single AA battery. No, the battery doesn't go up in your ear canal.

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