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3M M2256PW 10-finger multitouch display hands-on (with video)


Multitouch may be losing the buzzword game to "slate" at this year's CES, but 3M's doing its best to keep things interesting with its new M2256PW multitouch display, which we've now had a brief chance to play with it ourselves. While the monitor itself is 3M's usual understated fare, the multitouch functionality does indeed work as promised, and 3M's in-house application demos do a respectable job of showing off some of the possibilities that double-digit multitouch opens up. Interestingly, while 3M's press materials only boast about 10-finger multitouch, the monitor seems to be equally capable of handling twenty fingers just as well. Of course, this one won't come cheap, with it apparently set to demand upwards of $1,500 when it lands sometime in the first quarter. Head on past the break for a quick demo video, and hit up the gallery below for a closer look.

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