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Alpine intros Pandora-controlling iDA-X305S head unit, INA-W900 in-dash nav system

Darren Murph

It's been a hot minute since we've heard the good word from Alpine, but as with pretty much every other outfit in the consumer electronics realm, said company has decided to spill its latest innovations here at CES. Most notable is the introduction of the iDA-X305S head unit, which is the firm's first digital media receiver to offer up direct control over the wildly popular Pandora iPhone app. Users simply connect their iPhone via the USB socket, and the head unit plays Pandora stations from the app -- simple as that. For those looking for something a touch more robust, there's the INA-W900 in-dash nav system. This one sports a 7-inch WVGA touchpanel, Burr-Brown 24-bit DAC, turn-by-turn guidance and six million POIs. Alpine's also unveiling new Type-R subwoofers, PDX amplifiers, the CDA-118M waterproof marine head unit and the PXE-H660 audio processor, all of which are detailed in the full release just after the break.

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Alpine Electronics – Key Products for 2010

"In-Vehicle Audio" category

Alpine INA-W900 Audio/Video/Navigation System
The INA-W900 is a versatile all-in-one media center that provides effortless touch-screen control over all your in-vehicle digital media sources, built-in navigation and driver assist products. The 7-inch WVGA touch screen has an easy-to-use interface plus logical hard buttons to quickly access the most-used features. The Burr-Brown 24 Bit DAC ensures superior sound quality from any source. Navigation features include turn-by-turn driving instructions, six million unique Points of Interest (POIs) and a Guide View Window display that shows the next driving maneuver within the audio screen, picture-in-picture style.

Alpine iDA-X305S Digital Media Receiver with Pandora Link™
The iDA-X305S is the first Alpine Digital Media Receiver to offer direct control over the iPhone® Pandora App. When the iPhone is connected to the iDA-X305S through the USB connection, the head unit can play Pandora stations from the user's Pandora account in the iPhone app. The user can keep or discard new songs suggested by Pandora, and these songs stay on the user's profile for the next time the account is accessed.

Alpine SWR-T10 & SWR-T12 Type-R Thin Subwoofers
Alpine's new Type-R Thin Subwoofers combine the performance of a high-end subwoofer with the installation flexibility of a shallow-mount subwoofer. With small enclosure requirements and mounting depths of 3.25-inches for the SWR-T10 10-inch sub and 3.5-inches for the SWR-T12 12-inch sub, these subs are perfect for use in tight space applications such as pickup trucks, small cars and door panels. The advanced motor and suspension design allows these subs to produce high x-max (>15mm) for the thin sub category.

Alpine PDX Amplifiers
Alpine's second generation PDX Power Density Digital Amplifiers provide ultimate power and sound quality in a small, efficient and elegant package. The PDX models include two mono amps, the PDX-M12 and PDX-M6, and two 4-channel amps, the PDX-F6 and PDX-F4. The new PDX amps are 20% thinner than the first generation models. Although still stackable, a new stacking system reduces the space between the amps, resulting in a more compact set-up for multi-amp systems. The PDX amps provide incredible sound quality with almost immeasurable distortion levels (less than 0.01%), extremely high damping factors (over 1,000 for mono models and over 500 for the 4-channel models), extremely low noise (greater than 110 dB at full rated power) and extremely wide bandwidth (flat from 5Hz-50kHz for full range models).

Alpine CDA-118M Waterproof 1.8-DIN Marine Head Unit
The CDA-118M is a fully waterproof marine head unit that allows for integration of all digital media sources in the boat through a simple, easy to use interface. It is treated for UV and salt/fog exposure and has a NEMA (National Electronics Manufacturer Association) rating of iPx5 to withstand water intrusion. The multi-zone volume control allows for different volume levels inside versus outside the cabin. Direct source buttons, a large LCD display and a rotary encoder knob allow for easy control of the audio sources, including popular sources for boating like iPod® and satellite radio (additional products and subscription required, sold separately). Its common 1.8-DIN size makes it an easy upgrade from existing marine head units.

"In Vehicle Control/OEM Integration" category

Alpine System Integration Audio Processor
The PXE-H660 audio processor uses Alpine's latest IMPRINT sound tuning technology, which allows aftermarket components to be added to complex OEM head units without altering the functionality of the system. The PXE-H660 accepts the OEM system's input, removes the factory equalization, applies IMPRINT automatic sound tuning, then outputs the RCA signals to the aftermarket audio components. Best of all, the automated sound tuning process only takes five minutes. The result? The opportunity to supply complex OEM systems with customized aftermarket car audio components instead of turning this business away.

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