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Fallen Earth gets extensive graphical update today

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

If you haven't logged in to Fallen Earth for a few days, that's something you may want to rectify pretty quickly. As you may have heard from Lead Game Designer Lee Hammock on yesterday's Massively Speaking, the newest Fallen Earth patch was pretty huge and there is even more to come.

The patch notes were a long list of small fixes and tweaks -- things like "moved a tire that was sticking out of a wall," and changes to recipes, creatures, and mechanics. But these few hundred little changes weren't what made everyone sit up and take notice.

The graphics were given a significant overhaul resulting in a completely new look for the game; specifically the terrain and skies. Along with cloud movement, players will notice much more detailed and realistic surroundings both far and near. You can find some great before and after comparisons at Ten Ton Hammer from FE Graphics Programmer Kevin Coyle

The full patch notes are worth a read (you'll need to be registered on the forums to view them), but this extensive update isn't the only thing the Fallen Earth developers have up their collective sleeve. If you haven't yet checked out our interview on Massively Speaking, take a listen to see what else is coming up.

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