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First Chevrolet Volt battery rolls off the assembly line, wonders where its home is (video)

Tim Stevens

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Itching to get your hands on the wheel and feet on the pedals of a Chevy Volt? You still have some time to wait -- but things are getting closer to reality at least. The car was introduced three full years ago, amazingly, and we're still about a year away from the things rolling off the production line en masse. The batteries, though, those are in production. The first line-produced cell rolled off the line in the repetitively named Brownstown Township, MI. Well, the first official battery, as surely the units in the 80-odd test Volts had to come from somewhere. In the coming months before the Volt itself hits production, cells from this line will be put through their paces, both on test benches and in those early, hand-built vehicles. Eventually, production-line batteries will be mated with production-line Volts, birds will sing, squirrels will dance, and rainbows will fly. Until then, we'll keep playing with the demo OnStar app.

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