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Kuo Design: All your Steve Jobs magazine covers are belong to us


The face of Steve Jobs is almost as much of an icon as the Apple logo.

Over the years, his photo has appeared on numerous magazine covers. From the 1982 Time cover painting with a "pr0n star" moustache, through the early dalliance with a suit and tie, and to the November, 2009 Fortune magazine CEO of the Decade cover, Jobs has worked his now-grizzled mug onto more magazines than probably any other CEO in history.

Kuo Design's PineApple blog has a collection of many of the Steve Jobs covers on "The Steve Jobs on Magazine Covers page." It's fun to see the changes in Steve over the years, as well as magazines that have since become history. And you can help them put it all together: If you have any old magazines with Steve Jobs on the cover, it appears that Kuo Design is taking contributions to their online repository of Jobsian goodness.

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