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LG eXpo projector hands-on

Vlad Savov

You'll be familiar with the LG eXpo and its specs already -- which include a slideout QWERTY keyboard and 1GHz Snapdragon under the hood -- but we thought we'd go try the handset out for ourselves and tell you what we thought. Construction on this little machine was plenty sturdy to withstand the bumps associated with its unusual shape, while the keyboard slider mechanism had a reassuring feel to it. On the whole our impression was that you've got a middle of the road modern phone with a sales hook that depends on just how into projecting your images you are. Trust us, the sharp and large picture you may hope for from this device is possible only in very limited circumstances -- even a moonlit night seems likely to mess with your enjoyment of the attached pico projector's output. For the most part, you'll have to be content with either watching 14-inch movies with the curtains drawn, or projecting ill-defined naughty pictures on the whiteboard while the teacher isn't looking. Even if neither of those sounds like your kind of thing, feel welcome to peruse the hands-on gallery below.

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