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Nexus One tips for iPhone users


Here's an interesting post from Scott Knaster, a happy iPhone user and Google employee who made a cold-turkey switch to the Nexus One for three months (yes, some employees can get their hands on things early).

You might expect a Nexus One v. iPhone post from a Google employee to be slanted, but that's not the case here. Mr. Knaster obviously loves his iPhone, and offers practical tips for users looking to switch, like:

  • You can simply move the SIM from iPhone to the N1. However, you won't get 3G on AT&T, only Edge. This hasn't been a big deal for me. And my iPhone data plan seems to work fine for the N1.
  • I miss the iPhone's silence/ring switch, but you can silence the phone by swiping the volume control on the lock screen. If the phone is already on, hold down the Volume Down button to (silently) silence.
There's a lot more, so read the whole thing. He also talks about the Dolphin browser with its support for touch, pinch and gestures. I haven't used it but must admit that gestures screen seems like a holdover from Graffiti, and not in a good way.

[Via Guy Kawasaki]

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