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Olympus goes point-and-shoot crazy with nine new compact cameras


It's always tough for a plain-old point-and-shoot camera to stand-out at CES, so Olympus has wisely gone and played the tried-and-true move of dumping a whole slew of them at once to avoid getting lost in the shuffle . Leading those off are four new 14-megapixel FE Series cameras -- the FE-5030, FE-4040, FE-4030, and FE-47 -- which all pack either a 4x or 5x optical zoom, a 2.7-inch LCD, digital image stabilization (and added mechanical stabilization in the FE-4040), and a double-layered Crystal Shell finish in your choice of a range of colors. Those are complemented by the µ-5010, µ-7030, µ-7040, and µ-9010, which all pack the same 14 megapixels but expand your optical zoom options to 5x, 7x and 10x -- plus some HD video recording on the µ-7030. Rounding things out all by its lonesome is the 12-megapixel µ Tough 3000, which packs a 3.6x wide angle zoom, a 2.7-inch LCD and, most importantly to live up to its name, some water-proofing, shock-proofing and freeze-proofing measures. Dive into the links below for the complete details, and look for the whole lot to be available in March.

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