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WoW Moviewatch: Spacebar Clown


Today's video is Spacebar Clown by TheGreyFoo. You might remember the creator from The Pally DPS Song. Spacebar Clown has a kind of a bonus video, in that it comes across as two videos in one. You have the first opening clip as a homage to the old 8-bit style video games, and then you have the full parody song afterward.

I absolutely loved the 8-bit opening. Not only was rendering Arthas in this fashion absolute genius, it was a nice little call out to the early roots of MMORPGs. It might sometimes seem tough to remember the old turn-based attack selection menus, but it still has a fun, historical feel to it.

The parody song is nearly as much fun, though. As one of those folks who just can't help spamming jump while waiting for a group to get together, it brought a warm feeling to the cockles of my heart. While not everyone knows the joys of their spacebar, I think there's at least more than a few night elves out there who this video will have jumping for joy.

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