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Apple seizes 16 domain names from squatter


Apple dropped the hammer on a domain squatter the other day, reclaiming sixteen different domain names in one fell swoop. The company filed a complaint a while back against a guy named Daniel Bijan, who didn't bother to fight his case at all (not that he has one), and the result earlier this week gives them the rights to all of them. They run the gamut from to (how did Apple not own that one?), and as of this writing, we couldn't find any that were actually being used by Apple yet -- they all seem to point to either a blank Apache page or a simple domain placeholder.

And as you may have noticed, there are no secrets here -- is probably just a stab in the dark on the part of the domain squatter, and means "iPods cheap" in Spanish. Just Apple reclaiming some of their rightful web space.

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