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Intel Core i5 and Core i3 desktop parts start shipping

Vlad Savov

Like the well-oiled global superpower that it is, Intel has performed a smooth and immediate transition from the announcement of its new 32nm CPUs to actual chips hitting shelves. Newegg has stock of the Core i5-670 (3.46GHz), i5-660 (3.33GHz), and i5-650 (3.2GHz), all of which come with 4MB of cache and that ultra-efficient power profile we drooled over not too long ago. There's also the i5-661 (which sucks up a bit more juice but has higher integrated GPU clock speeds) as well as a pair of Core i3 options. Hit up our Clarkdale review roundup here for a handy guide to distinguishing between all these.

[Thanks, Keenan]

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